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Cultivation of GM plants (crops) after the placing on the market, falls under the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development according to the Act no. 184/2006 Coll. on cultivation of genetically modified crops in agricultural production.


The auditing body for the cultivation of GM plants is The Central Control and Testing Institute of Agriculture which is managed by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Information about the growing areas of authorized GM crops is released via website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Register of producers of authorized GMOs for cultivation is listed under Central Controlling and Testing Institute of Agriculture. In 2011 all five producers marked their data as business secrets, or data that is protected under special rules in accordance with paragraph 8 point 2 letter c)  of the Act no. 184/2006 Coll. on the cultivation of genetically modified plants in agricultural production. Therefore register has not been released to public but only to concerned public which includes maize/corn farmers farming in minimum isolation distance from the producer of authorized GM higher plants. If in minimum isolation distance weren’t  any maize/corn producing farmers, the nearest maize/corn producing farmer was notified.






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