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Frequently asked questions

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1) How will be public comments evaluated and taken into account?


The Ministry of Environment has the responsibility to disclose details of the submitted application immediately on the Internet with a call for public comments and with the deadline for their submission, in accordance with Article 34 paragraph 4 of the Act 151/2002 on the use of genetic technologies and genetically modified organisms, as amended,.

The Ministry evaluates the comments after the deadline for submission of comments to the application published and will let the party and the advisory body of the Ministry to comment on them.

The Ministry will not give the party and the advisory body such comments which express general questions on the use of GMOs and personal attitude/opinion and are not specific to the genetically modified organism or other issue, which the application contains, from a technical point of view.


Comments given by parties will be published on the ministry´s web site.

Public commentators don´t have the legal status of a party to the proceeding or person concerned ( interested person).


The Ministry of Environment disregards any ideological and political views in the decision.  

Decisions of the ministry are governed by the applicable national and European legislation, the opinion of the Scientific Panel of Experts of the European Food Safety Authority and reputable scientific institutions.




2) What comments are taken into account and where is that specific rule defined, whereas the notices are written only for public comment, without any concretization?


The Ministry of Environment is required to determine accurately and completely real state of the case and to acquire necessary data for decision under the Act no. 71/1967 Coll. on the administrative proceedings.

Determining  the true state of things is connected with the principle of material truth. This means, the ministry deals only with those public comments in decision-making, which address issues of specific application, contain technical arguments and quantitative data obtained from such reputable institutions as Robert Koch Institute and others. 

The principles of environmental risk assessment are referred to in Directive 2001/18/EC on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms and additional decisions and are transposed in the Act 151/2002 on the use of genetic technologies and genetically modified organisms, as amended.  





3) When will be the decision of the Ministry of Environment issued?


The Ministry has up to 120 days to issue a decision on the approval of introduction of genetically modified organisms or a combination thereof  into the environment from the date of application´s submission.

This period also includes those 30 days for the public comments.

The Ministry has to publish issued permits on the website of the Ministry,  in accordance with Article 24 par. 3 point a) of the Act 151/2002.  




4) How will the public become aware of the progress and results of a field trial, where the Ministry gave consent on the introduction of GMOs into the environment? 


The applicant is obliged to prepare a report on the outcome of the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the environment in accordance with Article 20 of the Act 151/2002.

The Ministry of Environment provides these reports to the European Commission according to Article 24 par. 2 of the Act for publication on the website of the Joint Research Centre -

The Joint Research Centre is an internal scientific departments of the European Commission.




5) What does it mean - "unlikely", "does not anticipate" - when used in the risk assessment?


It is impossible to achieve „zero“ risk by carrying out the risk assessment.

It has to be counted with a minimum degree of risk caused due to various factors in this evaluation.



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