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Consolidated text of the Act No. 151/2002 Coll. and its implementing Decree

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On 1st January 2013 became effective Act No. 448/2012 Coll., which amended the Act No. 151/2002 Coll.

On 15th April 2013 will became effective Decree which will amend the Decree No. 399/2005 Coll. as amended by Decree No. 312/2008 Coll.


The consolidated Act here


The consolidated Decree here



The reason for the Act´s amendment was primarily clarification of certain definitions according to European directive, but also ​​a significant change was made in proclaiming the start of contained use.


After obtaining the approval for the first contained use are further activities assigned to risk class 1 not more notificated. (new Art. 12 par. 3 of the Act)


But every 6 months shall be given a summary of action in risk class 1 (new Art. 12 par. 2 point. b) of the Act), which will serve to the ministry as a data source for keeping records and reports on the experience of Slovak Republic with Directive 2009/41 that Member States shall report according to Art. 17 par. 2 of the Directive.


Outline of risk class 1, which the user during the past six months performed, shall contain the information specified in Art. 14 of the Decree (GMO Registry).


The report shall include all GMOs in the workplace, also in the frozen state, according to the legal definition contained use is also a storage of GMO/GMM.

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