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Public participation in the proceedings

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Applicant for approval is party21) to the proceeding. Association of citizens may be party to the proceeding as well which has the objective to protect the environment or consumers pursuant to its Charter, provided that

a) on the date of submission of its application pursuant to the subpar.b), it was registered as association of citizens22) with the  objectives mentioned at least for one year,

b) it submits written application to the Ministry within 10 days since the publication of the request for approval  pursuant to this Act, and

c) the application pursuant to the subpar. b) includes a petition23) which has to be signed by at least 100 natural persons supporting this application.


The Ministry may decide to grant status of person concerned23a) to the association of citizens provided that granting of approval on introduction of such genetically modified organisms in the environment with comparable biological and geological conditions in relation to which approval had been granted before is subject of that proceeding and provided that there is enough experience with introduction in comparable ecosystems.


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After the deadline for submission of comments to the application published, the Ministry evaluates the comments and will let the party and the advisory body of the Ministry to comment on them.

The Ministry will not give the party and the advisory body such comments which express only personal opinion in general and are not specific to the genetically modified organism or other topic, which the application contains, from a technical point of view.


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21) Article 14 of Act No. 71/1967, Coll.


Party to the proceedings is the one whose rights, legally protected interests or obligations to be held, or whose rights, legally protected interests or obligations may be directly affected by a decision, the parties are also those who claim that the decision may in their rights law protected interests or obligations directly affected, and up, until the contrary is proved.

 Party is the one to whom a special law recognizes this status.


23a) Art. 15a of the Act No. 71/1967 Coll. as amended by the Act No. 527/2003 Coll.


A special law may provide for the conditions under which a person other than the parties (hereinafter referred to as "the person concerned") has the right to participate on the proceeding or a part thereof.  

The person concerned has the right to be notified of initiation and other submissions of the parties, to participate in the hearing and the local sighting evidence suggest a supplement base decisions.

A special law may provide for a person concerned more rights.


22) Act No. 83/1990 Coll. on Associations of Citizens.


23) Act No. 85/1990 Coll. on Right to Petition.


Everyone has the right of way, notwithstanding the law encourage others to support by signing the petition. An individual readable its name, permanent address where such data accompanied by his signature. A legal person shall state his name and address; person authorized to act on behalf legibly indicate their name, permanent address) if this data accompanied by his signature.

If a special regulation establishes the minimum number of people supporting the petition or age people supporting the petition shall be legible to the data of the person supporting the petition and the date of her birth.

The public authority does not take into account the support of the petition by the person themselves reported data unreadable or false.

The petition must be in writing.      

When filing petitions by electronic means, written form is considered sustained if therein data according to § 4 paragraph. 1 of who it serves and is available by electronic means an electronic form that can be signed by qualified electronic signature.


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